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Even Skin Tone Vitamin C Bundle

Even skin tone is easier than you think. Dark marks, discoloration and uneven skin tone is common for many of us, but what if you could watch them fade away as fast as you can say Vitamin C.

Vitamin C naturally brightens and lightens dark spots and uneven skin color so that you can be beach ready this summer. Mixed with our naturally moisturizing ingredients, this bundle is one you won't want to miss.

Our Gina's Love Even Skin Tone Bundle includes:

4 oz Vitamin C & Aloe Body Wash

4 oz Vitamin C & Aloe Lotion

4 oz Vitamin C & Berry Soft Peel

4 oz Bath Tea Salts with Vitamin C and Chamomile

2 oz White Tea & Ginger Vegan Soap Bar

Vitamin C & Aloe Body Wash is the best way to get Vitamin C in your skin to begin to even put those dark spots and also boost collagen. Directions: Squeeze on a wet cloth, sponge or scrubber and later all over. Rinse clean.


Vitamin C & Aloe Lotion has just the right amount of vit C in it so that your skin feels soft and silky while brightening your skin. Directions: Use a fan of lotion and rub it all over a semi wet body once you get out of the shower. Use as needed throughout the day.

Vitamin C & Berry Soft Peel is a treat for your skin. This peel goes on soft and dries evenly but don't let the gentleness fool. It works to exfoliate your skin and gets rid of old, dead, dull skin while evening the skin tone of newer skin cells. Directions: On clean, damp skin pour some peel in your hand and rub it all over. Use a Silicone Scrubber to really get the peel in your skin. Leave on for 5-25 minutes and then rinse clean.

Bath Tea Salts with Vitamin C is the perfect way to soak in all this divine, healthy goodness. Each Bath Tea is a little different and some contain chamomile and other contain roobious tea, but all of them have a power pack of Vitamin C. Directions: Run a bath of warm water and pour the bath salts in the water. Feel free to pour the Bath Tea Salts in a cheese cloth and tie it up and then place it in your bath for an easier clean up.

FREE SILICONE BODY SCRUBBER to the first 5 customers that purchase.

*Unisex Product and Scent

*Will be shipped out the same day purchased

Even Skin Tone Vitamin C Bundle

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