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Ayurvedic Hair Mask

Our Hair Mask incorporates the best Ayurvedic Herbs that have proven over the centuries to grow natural, healthy hair and strengthen your hair so that is grows stronger and longer.

This product will turn light colored and grey hair red. Henna releases lawsone which naturally and permanently will tint your hair and nails. It will also tint the skin, but skin tinting is temporary.


Directions: The amount needed will vary for your hair length. Mix the dry ingredients of Gina's Love Hair Mask with one of our hair growth teas, water or aloe vera juice. Pour in a little liquid and stir and continue to add liquid until the mask is the consistency of greek yogurt. Put all over your wet hair. Leave on for 30 minutes to 3 hours. Rinse out, do not wash out. Deep condition after. Use 1x a week for super strengthening or 1x a month for gentler strengthening.


Ingredients: Henna, Shikaikai, Neem, Brahmi, Amla powders

Ayurvedic Hair Mask


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