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Quick 411 On Growing International Social Media Following

Okay, so real quick let me drop this jewel and leave it here for you.

I like to watch shows from Australia, France, South Africa and New Zealand but it was impossible to watch them when I would get back to The States because the networks required that I have a VPN from that country. I decided that I couldn't live without these shows so I purchased a mobile VPN for my phone and BOOM, I was able to stream my favorite international shows.

Well, I forgot to turn my VPN off after I finished watching my shows and I went to go scroll Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest and I was wondering why all the topics were trending topics in France or all of the Pinterest ads were Australian or in french. Then I remembered it was because my VPN was showing that I am in France or Australia!

Suddenly, the business woman in me was like, "This could be something going really really right." So, I started to change the VPN to various countries, go on the socials and like, retweet and comment on that countries trending topics and all of a sudden, my Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest started getting international followers. This changed the game for me and it can do the same for you. There are little ways that you can grow your business in big ways and this is one of them. Who knew that from my addiction to Survivor Australia, my business would grow 🤷🏽‍♀️.

So I am sharing this little gem to other business owners because, Why Not?!!!! Sharing is caring.

Love you to health,


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