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My GL Favorite Things

When it comes to all things Gina's Love, I really do love every single product that we make. There is so much love that goes into making a new product. First, I gotta make the perfect recipe and this can take weeks, sometimes years. Then, I have to test it (mostly on my kids because they can't sue me) and make sure that is giving what it is supposed to give. Lastly, the product is sold to all of you and I take your feedback on how to make it better or if I should just toss it.

But as I go through this process, I actually fall madly in love with certain products. Here are a 3 of my faves.

Plant Stem Age Reverse Serum aka Benjamin Button- this serum is absolutely AMAZING. It goes on like velvet and is super light. I add a sprinkle of Vit C when I need that extra boost to brighten my skin. It clears my acne in 2 days when I use it!

Banana Coconut Plant Based Soap- I absolutely had no idea that this would be my favorite soap bar. BANANAS??! Yes, this is my go to bar and I love smell because it's fruity and warm. Can you say OBSESSED.

Hydrating Cream- THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! I put this cream on when I just step out of the shower and I'm still wet. I put this ish on everything!! My daughter tells me how soft my skin is all the time because of this cream. It'll be back in stock soon y'all.

Anywho, those are my GL faves!

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