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On Aging

I was watching this advertisement for this new George Clooney and Julia Roberts movie that is coming out and I thought, "Wow, he looks great with that salt and pepper hair and those crows feet around his eyes." (I'm a sucker for crows feet.) Then, I looked at Julia and she had that smooth forehead thing going on and colored hair and I was like "Hmmm, interesting."

Men seem to age way more gracefully than women. Is it because women are made to think that youth is beauty or is it because men just don't give a damn about wrinkles and grays like their female counterparts? Idk what it is, but I NEVER want to have that smooth, unnatural forehead thing that most women over 40 have going on (Botox or some shit like that).

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like the way I look as I get older. I've never worn makeup much and even as I see the fine lines and wrinkles making a guest appearance on my face recently, I kinda don't mind. I'm never gonna look as young as I looked in my 20s, but I like how my face is filling in and how my body is transforming into a new version of me; a well loved version of me.

Gina's Love does have a few anti-aging products, but let me make it clear, we aren't against aging. We are PRO taking care of aging skin in the best way possible. My wish to all the women that are beginning to notice the lines of time coming in or feel the need to compare yourself to the young beauties of TikTok or IG; to you I wish that you age like a man. Age with confidence, with pride and with clarity!


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