Growing Green Initiative

What's Happening?!? Our Growing Green Initiative is Kicking Off
Gina's Love is GROWING! In February 2017, I started this venture full-time, after being diagnosed with Heart Failure and re-prioritizing what really was important in my life. We started with a few hundred Vegan Soap Bars and over the past year, we have a Vegan Soap Collection and Brand New Body Collection thanks to you and your support! Thank you sincerely! 
We have had a growth rate of 659% over the past 19 months!!! EXCITED is an understatement. Yet, with a growth rate this substantial, comes the need for expansion! Our Gina's Love customers want MORE products. . .Face Love, Baby Love, Love for Men are just the start of our new product lines. Our brand is also gaining popularity and working to be featured in select Vegan Grocery Stores WORLDWIDE. YESSS! Worldwide. Vegan Grocers on the West Coast, as well as abroad in France and Tel Aviv are excited to experience Gina's Love and have our products in their stores! 
How You Can Support. 
This is where I need YOUR support. Gina's Love has the following goals for the next 12 months: 1) Most importantly, replace all of our 1-use plastics with Eco-friendly packaging, 2) Expand our product line and increase our marketing efforts so that we can be featured in Vegan Grocers worldwide, and 3) Automate all of our processes by transitioning to a fulfillment service platform. 
To reach our goals, we need your pledge support. We have varying supportive tiers ranging from $20 to $1000. Each of our sponsors and supporters will receive a unique reward from Gina's Love, ranging from a 12 Month Soap Subscription to a Customized Luxury Snob Box. Check out all of our REWARDS! 

Supporting Gina's Love Growing Green Initiative would make you a most treasured Sponsor of Gina's Love, and it would also be a supportive nod for environmental justice and economic diversity (small businesses, women owned business).
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Thank you a million times over and I will always, Love You to Health! 
Gina Conyers, Owner of Gina's Love  Vegan Soaps and Organic Body Collections