This love story started in 2016 in my very own kitchen after a cold winter's day when I walked in the door, smiled at my children and my lips cracked like a porcelain plate falling on concrete. My lips were beyond dry, and no matter how much money I spent on products, there were none that kept my lips moisturized throughout the day.  Then and there, I decided to make a balm that fit my needs.   Before I knew it, I was crafting natural, organic lip balm, handmade soaps, sugar scrubs and many other body products for my friends and family. My love for the natural body business grew tremendously during that first year, but I was not ready to commit to a life of organic soap making.
     Now, like any great love story there was some heartbreak. As much as I was in love with my business, I was in a full-time love affair with my career as a Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center Program Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs when my health started declining and I was diagnosed with Heart Failure. I was devastated,  but determined to find meaning in my life by valuing the people and parts of life that I loved most.
     Gina's Love isn't only about making great products and providing for my family. It is about a deeper love story; it's about how each of us can make a choice to fall in love with and follow our dreams while making a positive social and environmental impact in our world. Our business model does more than help us sell soap and body products; it helps us to show everyone that uses our products that Life Offers Value to Everyone (LOVE).  

Love You to Health