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Amla & Rosemary Hair Growth Oil

Amla Oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help nourish hair and promote a healthy scalp. It is the second strongest inhibitor of 5- alpha reductase which is an enzyme that leads to baldness.


Rosemary oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and has anti-apoptotic properties and research shows that it is equally as effective as Monoxidil for regrowing hair.


Fenugreek is also an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries to treat low to moderate hair loss and grows hair thicker and fuller from the root.


We have combined all of these essential hair growing herbs to make our Amla Rosemary Hair Oil to help stop hair loss and regrow hair thicker and fuller without harsh chemicals.


Directions: Part your hair and use the dropper to put oil on scalp. Cover your entire scalp and massage the oils in your scalp for 5 minutes.  You can heat the oil slightly to enhance its effects. Leave over night and wash out hair in the morning or immediately after massaging your scalp. You can also put this oil on the ends of your hair to seal in moisture after cleansing and conditioning your hair which will help with hair length retention.  Use this oil daily for beast mode hair growth or weekly for standard use. 

Amla & Rosemary Hair Growth Oil


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