99 Problems, But My Skin Ain't One

99 Problems, But My Skin Ain't One!

Did you know the largest, fastest growing organ on your body is your skin?! YES! Your skin. Your skin absorbs nutrients, protects you from the elements and foreign microbes, and more importantly to us all, the skin allows us to feel sensation. Could you imagine life without feeling the skin of your new baby? Or rubbing the arm of your lover as you cuddle? Or, not knowing the feeling of skin to skin contact when you hug your best friend after the worse day of your life? 

Your skin serves many purposes and there is no-one in this world that would like to imagine a life without our permeable, cloak of love and armor, so then why do we not take care of it like it as precious as other organs like our heart, kidneys or lungs? 

Check out my 5 Skincare 101 Tips!   

  1. Use Quality, Organic, Natural Soap.If you are what you eat, then your skin is what you put on it. You don't need fancy new ingredients to have great skin, so don't give into the hype of being some companies lab rat! Olive oil, Shea butter, herbs and essential oils have worked throughout history. Trust their goodness.
  2. Do It Every Day.Use organic, natural products every single day. Beautiful skin doesn't happen overnight! I know we live in a "now, now, now" world, but the results are seen in your daily routine. 
  3. Eat Your Veggies.Back to tip 1, you are what you eat! The human body is amazing. It can take an avocado and absorb it into itself. How amazing! If you eat healthy foods, it will show on your skin. Start with a Meatless Monday! 
  4. Talk To Yourself.If plants benefit from being talked to or from having soothing music played in its presence, so can will you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. Kiss your beautiful skin and show it gratitude for protecting you every day. 
  5. Make-up Detox.Okay, I know this may be challenging, but just like our bodies need a liver detox or juice fast on occasion to refresh your system, so does your skin. Plan a weekend at home where you go without makeup for a full 3 days. Give your skin a chance to breath. 



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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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99 Problems, But My Skin Ain’t One! – GINA’S LOVE
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