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May 20th 2018-Back and We're Better!

May 20th 2018-Back and We're Better!

In 2016, I opened my soap business and I was really awful at it at first! The only thing I was good at business wise was that I made some really great soap. Since then, my life has changed in ways I never imagined. The most unexpected thing was getting extremely sick last spring and being diagnosed with heart failure. My world and my business came to a screeching halt! (Can you smell the burnt rubber?) It took me months, practically a year to get back to better health. The amazing thing that happened in all of this was, I was diagnosed with heart failure! Being chronically ill has a way of making you re-prioritize your life in the best way. I quit my full-time job, decided I would be at home when my kids went to school and when they got home everyday and I decided to take my soap business to the next level. Memento mori dear people! These words are words I hold in my heart (literally) to help me to remember to live! 

Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart. Use your time on this planet wisely. And, USE GREAT SOAP! Life is too short to have bad skin. 


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